Friday, July 31, 2009


Anthony Cheetham is to join Atlantic on 1st September, to set up an "entirely new activity" within the publishing house. Cheetham will join the firm, which is part of the Independent Alliance, as an associate publisher and director on the board. He left his role as chairman and publisher of Quercus, which is also a part of the Alliance, in February. His gardening leave ends on August 10th.
Cheetham declined to give details on what area of the trade he would be focusing on, whether he would have a separate team under him or how many titles he anticipated publishing, but said he hoped to start commissioning "right away". He said: "I felt I would miss the cut and thrust of being at a publishing business – I don't feel I'm ready to retire – and obviously I am attracted to Atlantic because it's an independent , I've worked with Toby [Mundy, Atlantic c.e.o] before, at Weidenfeld & Nicolson, and of course because my son is there."
Anthony Cheetham's son Nicolas Cheetham left Quercus in January to set up a crime and thriller imprint at Atlantic, under the name Corvus. His first acquisitions were announced during this year's London Book Fair.
"The team at Atlantic is very talented, and they are very nice people – they do the sort of publishing I admire, which is both independent and has a real quality feel to it," Anthony Cheetham added.

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