Monday, July 20, 2009


image Christopher Johnstone

A century ago this year Sir John Logan Campbell gave the citizens of Freemans Bay a kindergarten. Then it stood on the waters edge and generations of young Aucklanders profited from Campbell's generosity. Then the kindy moved and the building became a sports shed and was messed up with some insensitive painting.
Then the jocks moved out and in the careful and caring hands of Auckland City this is what it has become - smelly, tumbling down wreck.
Be ashamed Auckland City - this is a heritage building and a gift. Could you please learn to treat both kind of things in your care with genuine respect.
A city founder gave your kids a marvellous gift and you are letting it fall down.
Various institutions have given you art and your arts advisors pull then down and pack them away.
Be really ashamed and think of what an example you are not setting for your role in some Super City

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