Friday, July 24, 2009

Talky Poems’ Win the Montana New Zealand Book Award for Poetry

The Rocky Shore” by Jenny Bornholdt has won the 2009 Montana New Zealand Book Award for Poetry.

The six long poems that make up “The Rocky Shore” were written over the course of six years. Together, they are as much autobiographical essay as long poem, and Jenny Bornholdt’s most significant achievement to date.

When asked to describe “The Rocky Shore” Jenny called them “talky poems” and said the book ranges over a variety of territory - love, death, children, illness, bread-making, and the garden. All the big themes.

For more information about “The Rocky Shore” please contact Heather McKenzie at Victoria University Press ph 027 563 6531

For more information about the Montana New Zealand Book Awards please contact Penny Hartill ph 021 721 424 email


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