Monday, July 20, 2009

Joe Karam book delayed

HarperCollins Publishers New Zealand advises that Joe Karam’s new book analysing the recent David Bain retrial and its aftermath has been delayed.

During the last three weeks of planning and drafting, Karam and HarperCollins Publishers New Zealand have taken stock of the extensive information still coming to light in the aftermath of the retrial and have decided to delay the publication date to allow for Karam to fully develop and research these underlying themes further.

‘The David Bain story, and in particular the retrial, and ongoing repercussions, is an extraordinary one,’ says Lorain Day, Publishing Manager, HarperCollins Publishers New Zealand. ‘It is one that only Karam is qualified to tell, and it deserves maximum time for full analysis. The resulting book will be bigger, and even better than originally expected. As such, we have asked Joe, who has agreed, to expand the book considerably from our original conception. It will be well worth the extra time it takes, and will be an even more significant book as a result.”

The book was originally scheduled for publication in September. It will now be published in 2010.

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