Thursday, November 20, 2008


The Bookman is staying here for three days and I must say the campus which I have always found most attractive seems even more so this time because the students have left for the year and the place is largely deserted. For 10 minutes I stood on the bridge across The Leith watching the water flow far below me and it was as if I was the only person there..
Staff, a handful of overseas and post-graduate students, and the occasional interloper like me are the only people about.
The glorious library, surely the best university library in New Zealand from an architectural and design point of view, is almost deserted as are the various faculty buildings.

I posted an item to the blog earlier which made reference to the University of Otago Press celebrating their half century of publishing and now I find that the Dunedin Public Library will be 100 years old on 2 December.

Dunedin Public Library was the first free library established in New Zealand and to mark the occasion they have a variety of programmes organized among them a series of meet the author sessions involving local authors including Vanda Symon, Jackie Ballantine, Maxine Alterio, Penelope Todd, Diane Brown, Philip Temple,, David Howard , David Eggleton, Martha Morseth, Ella West, Sandy McKay and Elizabeth Pulford.

There is also a Books Roadshow, (think Antique Roadshow but for books), writing and bookbinding workshops and a whole lot more..
And tonight while out for dinner at a marvellous seafood restaurant down at the waterfront, PLATO, (whitebait fritters followed by the freshest blue cod), I came across a book club group having their annual dinner. I loved the name of the group, The No.1 Ladies Book Club Group! Great stuff.

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Vanda Symon said...

Welcome to Dunners!

The University is a bit odd at the moment with the students gone. The uni central library is amazing, but my favourite place to wander is around the old blue stone buildings near the registry. You can almost feel the ghosts of academics past.

Plato is fantastic - and how fortuitous to meet up with such a cleverly named book group.

Enjoy your time here.