Saturday, November 22, 2008

Petit Chateau in France
An invitation................

Dear Graham,

My great friend Rachael King suggested I contact you with regard to accommodation we are offering in France.

Rachel felt it might be of interest to writers looking for an inspirational setting to spend some time and wondered if you might make mention on your website.
We have a petit chateau in the Vendee region: 40 minutes to the Atlantic coastal town of La Rochelle; 2 hours north of Bordeaux; 2.5 hours by high speed train south west of Paris.

While we rent mainly in summer on a self-catering weekly basis, we are offering the chateau for the months of January, February and March 2009 at extremely low rents. As we are planning on returning to New Zealand to visit family and friends we feel it is better to have someone staying here than just close it up.
The winters here are not too harsh, we are in the La Rochelle micro-climate and this time of the year tends towards lovely clear crisp days. And, even though Cristallin is a vast residence, we have marvelous central heating so the winters are rather cosy.
There is a circular well stocked library in one of the towers of the chateau. And also a Chippendale writing desk to work at.

Photos can be viewed at Note that the rates, as listed on the website, are discounted for this period by 50%.
Click on ‘properties’
Click on ‘Cristallin’

‘The Tower’ (pic left) also on this website is our village house in the south of France, close to the Spanish border and Mediterranean Sea, which is also available for rent.

Many thanks for your time and best regards,
Amanda Timperley

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