Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Earlier today, two years and one month since I first set up this blog, I posted my 4000th story. Phew!
Later today I might allow myself a celebratory drink even though I'm trying (not with a lot of success) to cut back my wine intake during the week, for waistline reasons!


Vanda Symon said...

Congrats on your little milestone Mr Bookman!

Your humble blog keeps me in touch with the world of books, international and local, and offers a little sanity saver pick me up in the midst of what can otherwise be an isolating profession.

Keep it up, please, we neeeeeed you.

LiteraryMinded said...

Isn't it such a hard thing to do!? I lasted a whole month only drinking once a week, and now it's Xmas party season and that has flown out the window.
Congrats on the 4000th. No mean feat! :-)

Anonymous said...

Graham, from a fulltime Mum in sunny Napier with two very small children and not much time to myself can I say thanks for all your efforts - if I ever get the kids napping at the same time my not-so-guilty pleasure is to log on to your blog and add to my reading wish-list. Congratulations and thanks!

Anonymous said...

I must add my thanks and congratulations. I am a fulltime Mum,on a very tight budget, haven't been able to buy a book for some years, but I am an enthusiastic borrower from Auckland Public Library and I find your blog, which I visit every day, the best source of tips for what to borrow. And I haven't had a dud yet. Your blog pays an importatnt part in my life and in the lives of my three kids.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anonymous said...

I am an ex-pat Kiwi, although I prefer to be called a long-term temporarily displaced kiwi, living in Canada. I am interested in the happenings of the book world, NZ in particular but pretty much everywhere in the English speaking world. I peruse a great number of book blogs around the world but I give you the number one rating. Yours is the only one I check every day.Yours is not an ego driven blog, your reviews are not too long, or too academic, your range is diverse, and you do not carry advertising.
You are my number one book blogger, and if there was a body which recognised excellence in blogging then I would be nominating you.
Bookman Beattie, you are the tops.