Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kapka Kasabova causes a major stir in Europe.

Drawing a comparison between safety on the streets of Bulgaria and those in Britain, and especially Edinburgh where she lives, the talented, young New Zealand novelist, poet and memoirist Kapka Kassabova has received hundred of responses, including more than a little hate-mail, to her story in The Times.

Read her Times story here along with some of the responses.


Sam said...

Having lived in London for several years in the nineties, I have to agree with this woman.

In those days the pubs all emptied out at the same hour and I was often caught on the streets among dozens of drunks while trying to make my way home from the office or some event. I was threatened on several occasions, mugged twice, and narrowly escaped serious injury on one occasion.

Despite what most Brits think about the gun issue here in the U.S., I feel much safer walking the downtown streets of my home city because there are very, very few drunks on the sidewalks.

Alcohol consumption is one of Britain's biggest problems, without a doubt, and I hate to hear that it must be even more dangerous a country than the one I left in late 1999.

Rachael King said...

It sounds a little like some parts of NZ as well. I advise all visitors to avoid inner city Christchurch after 11pm on a weekend night.