Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Kakapo Books, which operates through the Centre for New Zealand Studies, has been reawakened within the activities of the Centre and has published in the last year 4 titles and a journal.

No. 9. On Reflection: New Zealand Film Reviews from North and South, 1986-1993, by Brian McDonnell, 64pp

No. 10. New Zealand & Australia: Narrative, History, Representation, edited by Sue Ryan-Fazilleau, 163pp

No. 11. Isola Bella, by C.K. Stead

No. 12. A Literary Modernist: Katherine Mansfield and the Art of the Short Story, by Gerri Kimber, 86ppKakapo no.9 was printed last December.

Numbers 11 and 12 were published to coincide with the September 2009 Mansfield conference; the poem by C.K. Stead was written especially for the conference and was circulated to all attendees as a limited edition print.

There are however copies of the title by Gerri Kimber available – please contact me if you wish to purchase a copy.
Kakapo no.10, the edited collection by Sue Ryan-Fazilleau was printed two weeks ago. A contents page for this publication is attached and again please email me if you wish to purchase a copy.

Also, the CNZS Bulletin of New Zealand Studies. This new Journal, published by the Centre last week, is a huge 331 pages, and includes 8 articles and 3 reports; 39 pages of previously unpublished poetry by Murray Edmond, Jan Kemp, Fiona Kidman, Michele Leggott, Emma Neale, Lorae Parry, Elizabeth Smither, Dieter Riemenschneider, C.K. Stead, and Ian Wedde; 3 previously unpublished short stories by Barbara Else, Beryl Fletcher and Peter Wells; and 42 pages of book reviews.

Please email me if you wish to purchase a copy.

Finally, the Journal with support from NZSA and Manaia, has established two awards of £100 each for the best student submission to the Journal from any subject with NZ Studies and the best student submission to the Journal within any area of Maori Studies.

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