Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LIFESTYLE FARMING IN NEW ZEALAND - Managing livestock on a small holding

Craig Potton Publishing
RRP $39.99

Craig Potton Publishing has announced the re-release of Lifestyle Farming in New Zealand by Paul Martin. With over 3000 copies of this title sold when it was first published back in 2006, its popularity reflects the lifestyle dream of many New Zealanders—to live in the country on a lifestyle farm—and the current trend toward more self-sufficiency.

Running a small number of animals is the most popular use of lifestyle farms in this country, but for those without farming experience, this can be a daunting challenge. Lifestyle Farming in New Zealand addresses this head-on. Written by a veterinarian with extensive experience of working with lifestyle farmers, and also of running a small holding himself, the book was inspired by a frequent comment, ‘I wish there was a simple book on how to do it’.

The book is full of useful information, is copiously illustrated with colour photographs and diagrams, and is written in an extremely accessible and down-to-earth manner. It is comprehensive and up-to-date, an essential resource for the New Zealand lifestyle farmer.

About the author

Paul Martin started life as a ‘townie’ in Wellington, but as a teenager moved with his parents to a lifestyle block north of Wellington. The family developed this block from scratch, and Paul soon took over the farm management. This culminated in the Martin family being awarded the Small Farmer of the Year award in 1995. After completing a veterinary degree from Massey University, Paul worked for a number of years as a vet in the Franklin region south of Auckland, one of the fastest developing areas for lifestyle blocks in New Zealand.
His experiences there inspired him to write this book. He currently works as a farm veterinarian and farm consultant in Northland, where he lives with his wife and daughter on a commercial farm.

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