Friday, June 26, 2009

Staying in Love:
The Top Secrets of Great Relationships
Robyn Salisbury - Random House $36.99

It’s ironic how difficult it is for people to talk about sex when we are exposed to a constant barrage of sexual information.
• Are you happy with your partner?
• Still enjoying your sex life?
• Wondering what’s gone wrong?
• Satisfied with your time together?
• Feeling like a change?
• Like a bit more spice?
If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this is the book for you.

Staying in Love is a how-to manual for anyone who is in a relationship – whether it be for a long time or a short time. It’s designed to help you talk about your relationship and make positive changes to improve your life. It includes fascinating case studies and discussion points to help you kick start your own conversations.
There is no one right way to build a healthy, happy sexual relationship. It’s a living, ongoing process that takes place through many interactions and conversations over time as you learn to know each other and how to be together.

Salisbury, whose popular Mrs Salisbury column runs every week in the Sunday Star-Times, says “once you have your foundations sorted, your relationship can provide exquisitely satisfying connection, a secure home base from which you bounce out into the world and to which you come back.”
“This happens from a position of respect for each other’s individuality, not from one imposing expectations onto the other.”
Robyn Salisbury is a clinical psychologist and sex specialist and is the director of Sex Therapy New Zealand. She has a regular sex Q & A feature, Mrs Salisbury, in the Sunday Star-Times.

A regular media spokesperson on issues relating to sexuality, she recently received a lot of media attention when she published a paper on the prevalence and dangers of sexual addiction.

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