Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PubMatch Promises Year-Round Online International Book Fair
Story By Edward Nawotka in Publishing Perspectives

NEW YORK: "We were at the Beijing Book Fair last year in a meeting with Chinese, US and UK publishers and the question that most often came up was who do we deal with, which department and which division do we deal with," says Jon Malinowski, president of the Combined Book Exhibit, a company that displays US publishers titles in a collective stand at trade shows around the world. "
Our answer to this is"
Malinowski describes, which launched in April, as a "year-round virtual book fair." The site allows publishers, agents, authors, illustrators and photographers to create online profiles and enter data in more than 140 categories. "Users can then query the database to come up with an answer for their needs," says Malinowski."It's an open source networking database - a social site with business flair," he says. "One that's simple and, most important, free."
He says the site will look to sustain itself through advertising.(click here to read the rest of the article)

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