Friday, June 26, 2009

Margaret Foster
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Margaret Foster is one of New Zealand netball’s most colourful personalities. She is also one of the game’s most passionate advocates; a passion which began when she was a child.

Silver Linings is the story of Margaret Foster’s life in netball; her early days playing, teaching and coaching netball within schools and at a regional level, before hitting the big time and playing for the Silver Ferns in 1992. It is also the story of cancer survival. Margaret Foster was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and having battled her way through that with a tough-minded attitude, positive affirmations and strong support network, received the shocking news that the cancer had spread to her ovaries. Where’s the silver lining in that?
She has drawn on the skills learned as a professional coach and applied them to her fight with cancer. Margaret Foster wants to encourage other cancer sufferers, giving them hope, faith and a sense of purpose.
Margaret Foster also covers all the netball stories: detailing the highs and lows of both her playing and coaching careers, analysing her own coaches and coaching style, and letting us in on a few behind the scenes secrets.

Adopted into a Pakeha family at birth, Margaret Foster is descended from the Ngai Tahu, and comes from a great sporting family. Sport is clearly in Margaret Foster’s blood.
This is a courageous and gutsy story; one that will particularly resonate with those whose lives are affected by cancer.

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