Thursday, June 25, 2009


An enterprising group in California have developed a new concept in reading comfort. Called the Book Buddy the product holds and supports hardcover or paperback books,(or even your laptop I discovered), thus providing a comfortable way to read.
It is a portable writing/reading desk really. And it comes with bookmarks. It would be especially good for anyone who has trouble holding a heavy book, people in hospitals and the like, and the easily adjustable straps to hold the book in place are most effective.

Check out their website for pictures of the product in use and for price details, how to buy and other product information.


Lee said...

i need a device for reading a big thick hardback novel (like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) when I am lying down in bed so my thumbs don't get sore from holding it open. I reckon whoever invented something to meet this need would make a fortune.Also something to keep me a wake for a bit longer so i can read a few more paragraphs would be helpful too please.

Reading Comfort said...

Great post, Graham! We wanted to extend a discount to your readers. 10% off their entire order. This offer is valid through June 30th. Simply enter code ELR609.



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