Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Off the Beaten Track
Colin Moore
Craig Potton Publishing - $39.99

Off the Beaten Track is a collection of backcountry walks that are suitable for people of all ages, including family groups, work groups and for baby-boomers who want to get out in the hills but do it in comfort and with minimal hassle.

While each walk has its own distinctive character, what they all have in common is that for a modest payment, you will have a fantastic experience and enjoy comfortable accommodation, great food and friendly hosts. Spread across both the North and South Islands, the backcountry walks range from two to five days long.

Just published by leading outdoors publisher Craig Potton, Off the Beaten Track is a tantalising and spectacular guide to 20 multi-day walks across New Zealand farmland, through tranquil forest sanctuaries and along breathtaking stretches of coastline.

Illustrated with the most evocative photographs, each chapter provides a detailed insight to the particular tramp, along with an informative Bird’s Eye map, which offers an ideal way to view the route and terrain in three dimensions.

This is a hugely appealing, inspiring and beautifully packaged publication that makes you want to immediately get the backpack out of the garage, pull on the walking gear and head off. I would start with the two day/three night Rimunui/Tatapouri/Makorori walk near my old home town of Gisborne. On this walk you stay in two comfortable and fully equipped lodges with special features include "stunning cuisine and massage service". Sounds pretty damn fine to me!

Before his untimely death in earlier this month, Colin Moore was travel editor of Wilderness magazine and the author of several outdoors books.


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Anonymous said...

I have just purchased "Of the Beaten Track",it’s a lovely book full of useful information on mainly private walks throughout NZ. The bird’s eye views of the walk area are superb and so are the photos. A great book for those who enjoy walking in our great outdoors.