Friday, June 26, 2009

Parsons Bookshop Auckland - Newsletter

Writers on Mondays - Lunchtime Winter Series 2009
No. 3 Monday 29th June, 12 noon.

Art Lounge, Auckland Art Gallery. Next to Parsons Bookshop Auckland City.
Helen Sword & Gabriel White in discussion with Jack Ross.
Organised by the Auckland branch of the NZ Society of Authors events committee and the Auckland Art Gallery
Louise Johnstone from Parsons Bookshop will have a range of books for sale.

Helen Sword (a selected listing):-
Ghostwriting Modernism PB $59.95
Writer’s Diet $29.95

Gabriel White (a selected listing):-
Adrift: Nomadic New Zealand Art $19.95; Brief 37: The Writers’ Group $29.95;
Landfall 214: Open House $29.95; Tongo Fantasia DVD $65.00

Jack Ross (a selected listing):-
Emo: 3rd vol of the REM trilogy $69.95; Orange Roughy:Poems for Tazey $39.95; JAAM 25 $15.00
Our Own Kind; 100 New Zealand Poems about Animals $$36.95; Je Donne a Mon Espoir $30.00

Parsons Bookshop Auckland
26 Wellesley Street East
Auckland 1010
New Zealand

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