Friday, June 26, 2009

Martin Hawes
Penguin Books - $30

Out next week is another title from the hugely energetic and prolific best-selling author, speaker & columnist Martin Hawes in which he offers invaluable guidance towards beating the bank at their own game.
This latest edition of Save Money on Your Mortgage has been updated and revised to meet the constantly evolving needs of new home owners and anyone currently paying off a mortgage.

Hawes tells you everything the bank will not, setting you on the path to financial freedom. You will be given the chance to understand the huge difference between what you borrow and what you pay back, as well as learning how to cut your banker’s profit, greatly reducing your mortgage repayments in the process. Well designed throughout and easy to follow everyone with a mortage should buy Save Money on Your Mortgage , it could literally save them thousands of dollars.
Martin Hawes welcomes comments and questions aboput all his books. He can be contacted at


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hi there!how do i get a hold of you for a book review? your email is not posted on this site

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POst it to me at P,O,Box 90 839, Auckland, 1142, NZ