Monday, December 29, 2008

Radio program today on how to co-create a book

Adam Hyde is a former New Zealand radio DJ and station manager who has gone on to become an expert in co-authoring online books, especially instruction manuals.

And he will be one of the guests on Gordon Dryden's first Radio Live programme this afternoon to "reinvent New Zealand—and perhaps the world".

Fellow Auckland author and historian Gordon McLauchlan will be Dryden's first guest, from 2 p.m.—acting as judge of a phone-in competition to name "the ten innovations that have created New Zealand's unique economy".

And he will stay on to discuss with Dryden what is more important: creating a an economy, or creating a community.

Hyde will be a studio guest after the 4 o'clock news. Among the issues they will be discussing is Nicholas Negroponte's program to provide "One Laptop Per child" for children in the developing world—and the way Hyde and a group of keen fans have co-created the laptop guide to go with it: available free on the Web and for purchase as a book.
Hyde will argue that this new form of co-creative publishing is about to revolutionize the book-distribution industry.

Dryden's national network series runs from today to Friday, each afternoon from 2 p.m. See for the frequency nearest you.

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