Monday, December 15, 2008

Maori tattooing in the 20th century
Michael King – David Bateman – $59.99

When historian Michael King and photographer, Marti Friedlander collaborated to produce Moko – Maori Tattooing in the 20th Century in 1972, they had little idea that the book would retain its importance and popularity more than 30 years later.
Kept in print through these three decades, an entirely revised edition of this seminal work on the ancient art of Maori moko has just been published.

This new edition takes Marti Friedlander’s original prints, rescans and reproduces them in a spot varnished tritone on 157 gsm matt art paper. The larger, hardback format and new design truly do justice to this classic work.

This was Michael King’s first book. Favourably received, it was the catalyst in turning this great writer’s career in the direction of New Zealand social history. By the time of his accidental death in 2004 he had become one of New Zealand’s most admired writers of non-fiction and arguably our greatest-ever biographer.

What a thrill to see the book back in print and in such a superb new edition.

I salute the kuia moko. I farewell them again with respect as they disappear from our lives, though not from our memories.
Michael King.


Rachael King said...

Thanks for the nice review Graham, especially as today would have been Dad's 63rd birthday.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Happy Birthday to Michael!

I was also thinking how spooky it was that you chose this day to make this tribute...