Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Sad to note in the NZ Herald today that Colin James' popular column, which has run in the Herald the past ten years, makes its final appearance "as this slot as been resassigned".

Thanks Colin for your thoughtful,fair, entertaining and sometimes provocative columns these past 10 years.

James notes that his column will still be available by writing to: Colin.James@synapsis.co.nz

And Veteran Publisher Writes Letter to the Editor, NZ Herald

Think Again

Colin James tells us that his weekly Herald column slot "has been reassigned". This is very bad news indeed for thousands of readers.

His replacement may also be outstanding but we still need James too. Just as the Listener thought again when readers deluged it with protests after the announcement that it would no longer publish poetry, so the Herald is asked to reconsider, and quickly.

Christine Cole Catley, Devonport.

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Gavin McLean said...

So much for the spirit of Xmas and a Happy New Year!
I've been reading Colin's perceptive comments since the 1970s, when our working class Oama-vegas family somehow got itself on the circulation list of Dad's better-heeled mate's NBR. Along with the near-simultaneous arrival of Morning Report, he has greatly influenced my thinking and writing.
The O'Horrid will be a shallower place without him, one of the last columnists with any real depth.