Thursday, December 18, 2008

Conversation with a familiar stranger

British novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard tells Michele Hewitson why she writes of her experience, not imagination

`I'm sick of people writing autobiographies where they turn out to be so charming and terrible things happen to them but they've got a sense of humour about it.'' Elizabeth Jane Howard

Yesterday I ran an excerpt from Michele Hewitson's marvellous interview with Elizabeth Jane Howard and lamented the fact that the Herald did not provide links on their website to their CANVAS magazine stories.

I have now been advised that in fact the full interview, and it is well worth reading, can be read at the Herald online. Link here.

A big thanks to the Herald and whomever makes these decisions there because this excellent piece of journalism deserves the widest possible audience. Elizabeth Jane Howard's many fans, especially those overseas and outside the Herald's catchment, will be delighted to be able to read the full interview with this remarkable writer.

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