Friday, December 19, 2008

About New Zealand Books

New Zealand Books - a quarterly review is this country's only periodical dedicated to reviewing NZ titles.

It focuses on New Zealand publications, particularly those that reflect our society, our individual expression in literature and the arts in general, our history, and our relationship with the physical environment. It also carries lively opinion on any and all book-related topics.

New Zealand Books says it aims to challenge its readers with well-informed argument, and encourages debate. Its reviews treat books in considerable depth, placing them in their context, and often standing as important essays in their own right. It is valued both internationally and nationally by those interested in New Zealand literature.

New Zealand Books appears quarterly in March, June, September and December. Available both in print and online.

A year’s print subscription costs $39.95 while online it’s $24.95 and you can sample before you buy. Go to and follow the link to subscribe.
Selected bookshops stock it too.

Here's a sample of the offerings from the latest issue:

Murray Bramwell investigates the mystery of Ngaio Marsh
Sue McCauley susses out new novels
Chris Knox rewinds the 60s
Martin Edmond in the backblocks with Brian Turner
Peter Wells, Bill Hastings, Andrew Fieldsend on being one of the boysplus politics, science, thrillers and birding.

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