Monday, October 31, 2011

Vic Books celebrates Halloween

All Hallow’s Read - Posted on by vicbooks

In support of Neil Gaiman’s All Hallow’s Read initiative, and with Halloween coming up on Monday, here are some of my top scary book picks:

Struwwelpeter By Heinrich Hoffmann

Written in 1845, and containing some glaringly un-PC sections when viewed through the lens of modern society, Struwwelpeter is one of the only children’s picture books that I would call terrifying. Full of morality tales, Hoffman depicts children suffering dismemberment as a punishment for thumb-sucking, immolation as a consequence of playing with matches, and affliction with a wasting disease as a result of not eating what’s been given to them. I’d class this one as more of a curiosity for teens and adults than as something I’d give to children the age it was originally written for.

The Radleys By Matt Haig
Not your typical blood-sucker novel, The Radleys follows a pair of suburban-dwelling vampires who raise their children to believe that they are human. When their daughter gets into a physical altercation resulting in bloodflow, all is suddenly and tragically revealed, with very complicated consequences; a great story about the line between morality and denying your true nature.

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