Friday, October 28, 2011

Saturday Morning with Paul Diamond: 29 October 2011 - Radio NZ National

(Kim Hill is on leave)

8:15 Fintan O’Toole: the Irish presidency
9:40 Brian Calhoun: retaking the Net
9:05 Kevin Prime: governance and action
9:30 Paul Hamer: Maori in Australia
10:05 Playing Favourites with Jenny McLeod
11:05 Fiona Farrell: walking and the broken city
11:45 Edward Meyer: collecting weirdness

Producer: Mark Cubey
Wellington engineer: Steve Burridge
Auckland engineer: Jeremy Ansell

8:15 Fintan O’Toole
Fintan O'Toole is a columnist, assistant editor and drama critic for The Irish Times, and has written for the paper since 1988. He is a literary critic, historical writer and political commentator, and a critic of corruption in Irish politics. He has written over a dozen books, most recently, Enough is Enough: How to Build a New Republic (Faber, ISBN: 9780571270095).

9:40 Brian Calhoun
Brian Calhoun is a new Kiwi with an American accent who is trying to recreate the best parts of San Francisco in Wellington. With Sibylle Schwarz, he co-founded Retake the Net, which aims to help keep the Internet free and open, and they have organised the Retake the Net barcamp, a free all-day “unconference” on 29 October.

9:05 Kevin Prime
Kevin Prime is of Ngatihine, Ngati Whatua, Tainui and Welsh descent and has been working as an Environment Commissioner with the Environment Court since 2003. He has been a farmer and forester in Motatau, Northland, for the last 40 years. During the last 20 years he has been involved in community matters with marae committees, Māori committees, runanga, Māori development, school boards of trustees, charitable trusts, health trusts, community trusts, forest trusts, forest companies, health companies, health boards, conservation boards at local, regional and national levels, and has also served on Ministerial Advisory groups pertaining to health, forestry, conservation, Māori affairs, environment, crown research institutes, lands, and sport.

9:30 Paul Hamer
Paul Hamer is a Senior Associate of the Institute of Policy Studies at Victoria University, and works for the Waitangi Tribunal. His specialist area of knowledge is the migration of Māori to Australia, and he is also involved with the issue of post-Treaty settlements.

10:05 Playing Favourites with Jenny McLeod
Composer Jenny McLeod has been working on the libretto and music of her new opera, Hohepa, since the late 1990s. Based on the true story of the friendship between a Māori chief and a Pakeha settler during the New Zealand Wars, Hohepa will receive its world premiere with the New Zealand Opera staging at the 2012 New Zealand International Arts Festival (24 February to 14 March). Jenny a former Professor of Music at Victoria University of Wellington, and was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit in 1997. She is the Composer of the Week on Radio New Zealand Concert from 6-11 November.

11:05 Fiona Farrell
Fiona Farrell is a writer of novels, short stories, plays, poems and non-fiction. She is the Robert Burns Fellow 2011 at the University of Otago, and her new travel book, The Broken Book (AUP, ISBN 978-1-86940-576-2), contains four essays about life and walking, and 21 poems about the Christchurch earthquakes and their aftermath. Next month, Fiona will be a guest speaker at the ScienceTeller Festival, centered around University of Otago's Castle Lecture Theatre complex (15-19 November).

11:45 Edward Meyer
Edward Meyer is Vice President of Exhibits & Archives for Ripley Entertainment, Inc., the company that operates more than 80 attractions, in 11 countries worldwide, ranging from its famous Believe It Or Not! museums to aquariums and sight-seeing adventures. The company has also just published the 2011 edition of its Ripley’s Believe It or Not! annual, Strikingly True (Icewater Press, ISBN: 978-1-60991-000-6).

Saturday Morning repeats:
On Saturday 29 October August 2011 during Great Encounters between 6:06pm and 7:00pm on Radio New Zealand National, you can hear a repeat broadcast of Kim Hill’s interview from 22 October with Professor Sir Paul Callaghan.

Preview: Saturday 5 November
Kim Hill’s guests will include novelist Charles Frazier, chicken panegyrist Annie Potts, and science writer Michael Corballis.

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