The conductor Fabio Luisi had been pinch-hitting on a semi-permanent basis for James Levine, the Metropolitan Opera’s music director, who has been plagued by health problems; last month Mr. Luisi, 52, was named principal conductor. A native of Genoa, Italy, and a veteran of major posts in Vienna, Leipzig and Dresden, he moved last season into an apartment on West 96th Street, just off Central Park, after finding himself increasingly in New York. He lives there with his wife, Barbara Luisi, and their son, Aldo, 13; Mr. Luisi’s two other children are grown and studying abroad.

Here he is on books:

In the afternoon we try to take a walk. Last week we went to a very good book shop, on the East Side, a very beautiful book shop. We love books. We buy too many books because we don’t have a place anymore in the apartment. Moving from Europe we had to make a selection, which was very maddening. I hate to make a separation from my books. Our son, Aldo, he is 13 years old, he likes books, too. He has also suggestions for us, books that we can buy because they are beautiful, the paper, the pictures, the subject but also how the book is made

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