Friday, October 28, 2011


Have just spent an enjoyable hour reliving all the All Black games with 16 pages devoted to the final match. Some great photo, two pages to each pool game and eight pages to quarter and semi games. Also sections on the opening ceremony, highlights, fans, various AB team photos, the haka of course, Richie and Mils in their 100 test caps and a lot more too.Fantastic stuff. This is the only official souvenir book and I'm glad to have it.
Penguin Books - $17.99. At bookshops now, except at Whitcoulls who decided to publish their own title on the subject and are not Carrying this one. They are nuts but the indie booksellers will be rubbing their hands in glee!


Jeff Grigor said...

To be perfectly frank I don't think it will make much of a difference to customers if they buy "The Official" book or not.I believe they will judge the book on its merits as a book.There are three different books on the World Cup which have been published this week.
The "Official" book from Penguin is 64 pages long,staple bound and $17:99.
Harper Collin's book is 134 pages long,perfect bound and $24:99.
I have yet to sight the Whitcoulls book which was published for them by Hachette but it is $19:99.
No doubt the customers will make their own mind up on which book they prefer but my pick is that it will all come out pretty even, just like the two books published on the September Earthquake last year.
Just for the record we are only stocking one title and we made our decision on which one we preferred.However we may well have got it completely wrong as we often have in the past !!

transpress nz said...

Surely if the content of the books is different enough, most rugby enthusiasts would want to buy both? The combined cost is hardly a lot.