Friday, October 28, 2011


 Denis Robinson’s latest and most appealing offering is something of an artist’s road trip – a journey from the top to the bottom of New Zealand through the paintings of nearly 60 artists. The tour begins with Northland and runs cross-country to the south of the South Island.  Work from more than one artist highlights the nuances of each particular region or city. There are 20 regions covered in the book, with an additional focus on the four main cities, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch – including a commemorative selection of paintings ­­­­– and Dunedin.
  Denis Robinson has once again achieved a portfolio of striking artworks that not only demonstrates the deep well of artistic talent in this country, but also reflects the scenic beauty that surrounds us. The wide and quite commercial appeal of this collection means there is something here for everyone.I found it enchanting and I am sure many copies will find there way into the overseas mail in the build up to Christmas.
Denis Robinson has worked with creative people throughout his career as a designer, art director and gallery manager. Widely travelled, he has acted as a tour guide to the great art museums of Europe. He was instrumental in initiating the Auckland Art Fair and he acts as a judge in art competitions.
With Artists’ Impressions of New Zealand, Denis now has seven bestselling books about New Zealand artists to his name, including four others also published by New Holland. He lives on the Hibiscus Coast, north of Auckland and operates his own art and design consultancy, connecting artists with art lovers.
Publication:          October 2011
Price:                       $55.00
Extent:                    136 pages
Publisher               New Holland
The publishers have kindly allowed me to reproduce some of the images from the book that especially appeal to me but believe me there are many stunners among the 180+ paintings:

Illustrations - top to bottom:
Grand Hydro, Timaru
Grazing on Mt.Eden - Simon Williams
`Low Tide, Oreti Beach, Southalnd - Particia Murdoch
Morning's Glory, Wellington - John Crump
Stuart Street, Dunedin - Mary Mai

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