Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Saturday Morning with Kim Hill on Radio NZ National: Boxing Day Poets, 26 December 2009
8:15 Bub Bridger (2005) 9:05 Sam Hunt (2009)

Bub Bridger was a poet and short story writer of Irish and Ng"ti Kahungunu descent. She lived in Wellington for many years before moving to Granity, on the West Coast. Renowned as a live performer, she saw her poems and short stories appear in numerous anthologies, and two collections of her work have been published: Up Here On The Hill (Mallinson Rendel, 1989), and Wild Daisies: the Best of Bub Bridger (Mallinson Rendel, 2005). She died at her home on 8 December, aged 85.

Sam Hunt has worked for forty years as a full-time poet. His discussions with Robbie Burton have been transcribed for the recently published memoir, Backroads: Charting a Poet's Life (Craig Potton Publishing).

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