Monday, December 14, 2009

Glenn Colquhoun

Handwritten &
illustrated by Nigel Brown
Steele Roberts Publishers
Paperback witg flaps - $34.99

In North South award-winning poet Glenn Colquhoun imagines the northern gods of his Celtic heritage engaging with the atua Maori of the south, and creates a new mythology for those in this country who‘have in their arms both ways’.

Nigel Brown has handwritten and illustrated Glenn’s words to bring to life the story of Tama, a child of the gods who is linked both to Europe and to the landscapes of Aotearoa.
The poems sprawl across the pages to clash, bend and ultimately fuse traditional Celtic and Maori motifs, song forms and poetry.
The result is a remarkable book, an inspired piece of work, great publishing - a feast for the eyes, ears and tongue. Don't miss it.

Nigel Brown’s distinctive paintings blend symbolic and expressionistic approaches with a deep social concern. He creates a unique vision of Aotearoa New Zealand while revisiting and reinterpreting its past. Poets have been important touchstones in Nigel’s career and he enjoys illustrating and responding to their ideas; James K. Baxter has often featured in his work. Always driven by the search for identity, Nigel in North South goes deep into the tribal roots of the imagination relevant to our country. Nigel lives at Cosy Nook on the wild Foveaux Strait.
Glenn Colquhoun’s The Art of Walking Upright won best first book of poetry in the Montana NZ Book Awards 2000. His collection of medical poems, Playing God, won the Montana NZ Award for Poetry and the Readers’ Choice Award in 2003. Playing God has gone on to become a Booksellers New Zealand platinum bestseller.
Glenn works as a doctor on the Kapiti coast.

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