Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Tuesday Poem

Tuesday Poem and The Hieroglyph Moth 

 At the Tuesday Poem hub this week is a poem by Welsh poet Pascale Petit called The Hieroglyph Moth. Editor Kathleen Jones (recent winner of the UK's Straid Poetry Prize) says she loves the subtle depiction of the moth and the layers of meaning tugged out by the poet, 'The moth is also a perfect metaphor for the process of metamorphosis that occurs in the mind between the idea and the finished poem. When you begin to write a poem you step out into unknown, dangerous territory and when you put a poem out for public view you really are going naked into a strange country. Pascale Petit says all that in a few words - a perfect demonstration of how poetry wins over prose!'

 Read the hub poem and then move on to the poems in the sidebar - poems for Anzac Day are there, along with an array of poems by poets from Rilke to Eliot to an Australian called Peter Lach-Newinsky to a poem called 'Cut' by avant-garde NZ poet Orchid Tierney which plays (literally) with the word 'Divorce'. There is a discussion too by poet Zireaux that refutes the idea that poetry is about experiences we all have and uses as its reference point the astonishing work of  former TP poet Melissa Green of Boston. Rich pickings. 

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