Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog Statistsics

Unsurprisingly visitor numbers declined dramatically over the Easter holiday weekend with daily numbers varying from 960 to 1026. These are typical weekend numbers.
Tuesday however with most back at the office things were back to normal with 2030 visitors and already today, and it is only 8.40am in NZ as I write, visitor numbers are approaching 1000.
Thank you for dropping by.
The last 5000 visitors came from New Zealand (40%), USA (15%), UK (7%), Australia (4%), Spain (3%), France (3%), Canada (2%) and 51 other countries.


World of the Written Word said...

Congratulation on your following! Your hard work and enthusiasm certainly deserve it. I am sure that most of the hits were returning visitors.

Alessandra said...

Congratulations, I wish that more Kiwis would leave comments, why don't they? They visit and rarely write a word. Too shy?


Renee Lang said...

And those of us sitting at home, patiently waiting for the Easter Bunny, were very pleased to be able to turn to your blog!