Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Deepak Chopra to Set Up Imprint at Crown's Harmony Books


Deepak Chopra will work with his longtime publishers at the Crown Publishing Group to create a Deepak Chopra Books imprint housed within Harmony Books, launching in 2012. The goal is to publish "important, innovative non-fiction books by visionary authors who are committed to enhancing people's lives"--so books from other people, initiated and recommended by him. Chopra says in the release "together we will build a vibrant new publishing home for thought leaders who are committed to transforming people's lives and who are on the cutting edge in providing new perspectives and solutions to the challenges that all humans face."

Chopra will "initiate, recommend, and submit exclusively to Crown approximately six nonfiction book projects each year." Crown tells us there is no specified initial term for the imprint, and their "expectation is that it will be an enduring partnership." Chopra will also advise harmony publisher Tina Constable "on a wide range of publishing opportunities" and work with Harmony senior editors Julia Pastore and Gary Jensen. Constable adds, "We are thrilled to expand our 20-year relationship with him with the launch of Deepak Chopra Books, an imprint that will be informed by his deep wisdom, discerning eye, and incredible commitment to creating positive change in the world."

In addition to the new imprint, Chopra will continue to write his own books for the Harmony imprint.

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