Thursday, April 21, 2011


The Last of the Human Freedoms, Keren Chiaroni,Harper Collins - $39.99
The French civilians who chose to help Kiwis during the Second Waorld war

The Ghurkas - Special Force, Chris Bellamy,John Murray $39.99
The first complete history of the world's most formidable soldiers.

What have they done to the rain? - A Kiwi soldier's memoir of Vietnam, Kukupa Press- $32. The Kiwi experience of the Vietnam War told for the first time from the perspective of a Gunner.
Day after Day - New Zealanders in Fighter Command, Max Lambert, Harper Collins $44.99
This is the story of New Zealand participation in Fighter Command, and later in the Second Tactical Air Force (2TAF) which had the prime attack role post-invasion.

Kiwi Battlefields by Ron Palenski, Hodder Moa, $44.99
An account of the major battles that NZ'ers have been involved in.

Nice Day for a War - Adventures of a Kiwi soldier in World War 1
Chris Slane and Matt Elliott
Harper Collins - $29.99

Lest We Forget
Written by Feana Tu'akoi, illustrated by Elspeth Alix Batt
Scholastic $31.00 - Hardback
Tyson attends his first Dawn Parade
Also published in Maori, Kei Wareware Tatou, in paperback, $19.50

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