Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Children's bookshelves invaded as they become overrun with DVDs and video games
Booktime and Booked Up deliver over 2 million free books to children across the UK

· More dads reading with their children than in previous years: 40% increase since September 2008.

· 60% of children like to share a book with their parents/carers as it shows that they like to spend time with them.

· Households with girls have ten more children’s books than those with boys. One in every 20 family homes in Britain today has fewer than ten books.

· Children enjoying reading more: 96% of all children surveyed say that they enjoy reading, peaking at 99% among seven year olds and falling to 89% of 12 year olds (overall, this represents a year on year increase of 5%).

· 56% of all parents and carers (and almost half of all parents of 4-5 year olds [48%]) say their child spends more time facing a screen, playing computer games and watching DVDs rather than reading.

· Parents and carers of boys are twice as likely not to read with them compared to those who have girls.

· Technology, home entertainment and work (through emails and home working) are impacting on book time. While flexible working is supposed to enable a positive work-life balance, children are increasingly losing out.

· Bookshelves under threat in a third of British homes: one in three parents and carers (34%) say shelves are increasingly being filled up with DVDs and computer games, especially in homes with older children (this is the case in 41% of homes of 11-12 year olds).
· The UK’s all time favourite fictional character according to over 1,300 children is Harry Potter, followed by Horrid Henry and Tracy Beaker.

Action heroes Captain Underpants and Ben 10 relegate children’s classic Cinderella and Peter Pan out of the top 10.

Roald Dahl’s characters including Matilda, Charlie (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and the Fantastic Mr Fox make multiple entries in the top 20 all time favourite characters.

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