Thursday, October 29, 2009


Most New Zealanders will remember, with great affection, the Toyota ads that graced our screens in the early 90s. Crumpy and Scottie became part of our lives as we followed theirntics through the series of Toyota ads.Now Toyota have kindly agreed to allow the ads to feature on a new website, run by the Crump family trust, for a whole new generation to enjoy.After nearly 15 years Toyota and Crumpy are together again.You can catch these iconic, hilarious commercials with Crumpy and Scottie on

the Barry Crump website. You will also see and hear for the first time songs,

anecdotes and yarns from one of New Zealand’s greatest entertainers and story tellers.

Martin Crump says:“

It’s great to see those old ads with Dad and Scottie. They’re timeless and all New Zealanders love them and can enjoy them once again.”

Toyota are also delighted to see these ads back in the public domain.

It’s great to see the works of Barry Crump being republished and accessible to another generation of Kiwis. Toyota had a fantastic relationship with Barry, and along with Lloyd Scott, promoted the iconic Hilux in a series of award-winning “Crumpy & Scottie” commercials that spanned over 12 years. These much loved commercials have often been requested, and now, to coincide with the launch of ‘’ and ‘A Good Keen Man’,we are pleased you can now see these on YouTube so they can be viewed and enjoyed once again. We believe good things stand the test of time.”
Mark Young, Marketing Manager for Toyota NZ.
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