Saturday, October 24, 2009

From Publishing Perpectives:

Grupo Planeta CEO Jesús Badenes: "We Must Not Undervalue Publishers"
By Edward Nawotka

Grupo Planeta CEO Jesús Badenes is not afraid of the internet: "It would be easy to reduce the internet to mere diffusion, but that is too easy. The e-book phenomenon is not a Trojan horse, but it must be approached with the highest degree of common sense."Addressing the opening press conference at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and later in an exclusive interview with Publishing Perspectives, Badenes spoke on a wide range of topics-quoting writers ranging from Lao Tzu to Leo Tolstoy to Paolo Coelho-all before landing firmly on the emerging rivalry between American and European publishers with regard to digitization. (read on ...)

Bonus Material:
Eichborn's Bizarre Frankfurt "Buzz" Stunt
By Siobhan O'Leary

German publisher Eichborn may just win the award for the most bizarre marketing stunt at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The Frankfurt-based publisher let loose 200 flies with small banners attached to them bearing the Eichborn name, logo (you guessed it-a fly), and stand number. The banners were attached with wax that so that they would fall off after a few hours. Now that's "buzz" worthy.(click here to watch the video ...)

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