Friday, October 30, 2009

French Teenagers Vote for David Hill

David Hill has been awarded the 2008–2009 Prix Adolire for Dérapages, the French translation of Coming Back.

The Prix Adolire is an award given every year by high schools in Brittany, France. It is a readers’ choice award, with high school students voting for their favourite book from a long list of sixty titles. Previous winners of the award include Philip Pullman and Jacqueline Wilson.

Dérapages is published in France by Flammerion and the book was released there in 2007. Flammerion are also the publishers of David Hill’s Ennemis Intimes, the French edition of Right Where it Hurts.

David Hill has enjoyed significant success with foreign editions and has won prizes in the US, Germany and the U.K. His books have been published in the USA, the UK, Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, Holland, China, Estonia, Japan and Korea. David has recently returned from a successful tour of Slovenia where very popular Slovenian editions of his young adult novels are published by Mis.

His most recent title is Fire on High, published July 2009.

David Hill is published by Mallinson Rendel.

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