Saturday, October 24, 2009

From Publishers Lunch:

Friday's E-News Roundup

In the UK, a survey of heavy book-buying habits conducted by Book Marketing Limited and Lovereading demonstrated that while 56% of the approximately 1,300 respondents use the Internet to find out about books, social networks were less useful as a recommendation tool - only 34% found social networks as a whole to be helpful, and Twitter even less so (at 17%).

The ­figures contrast with author and retailer websites, which 83% found "useful" when taken in total. (Of course, when Facebook now allegedly accounts for 1 in 4 pageviews, one could argue about what the definition of a website is these days, especially with specific author pages set up as "fan" sites that attract sizable traffic.)
The survey also found 87% of customers expect e-books to cost less than physical books. Only 12% expected that e-books should cost the same as their physical counterparts.
BML Survey (via Bookseller)

Amazon's upcoming "Kindle for PC" app - the announcement timed with Windows 7's first appearance on the market - will allow customers to read more than 360,000 Kindle books (the number shrinks if you're outside the US) on their computers.No launch date for the app has been announced as yet.
Kindle for PC

LCD panel maker AUO aims to ship 1-2 million e-book reader panels in 2010, taking as much as almost one third of the global market for the segment, with total projected global shipments at 6-7 million units.

Mashable picks 15 Twitter Users "shaping the future of publishing."

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