Friday, May 25, 2012

News from Publishing Perspectives

Surprising ideas emerged at the recent World E-Reading Congress in London, including advocacy for sustaining print books, abandoning DRM, partnering and more. Read more »

Proponents of eliminating DRM say it will promote sharing and interoperability. Opponents cite the potential for piracy and the preservation of power. You? 
On the eve of the Madrid Book Fair, amid economic pressure, Spanish booksellers and others in the book business are bursting with ill will toward Amazon. 

Left with no other bidders, Italy's RCS Mediagroup must decide whether Gallimard's offer of 200 million euros for Flammarion is enough to justify letting it go. 

Is it better to see publishers subsumed by fellow publishers than going to an Amazon or Apple? Or does it merely delay the inevitable or even expedited it?  Read more »

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