Friday, May 25, 2012

As you were - a note from Richards Literary Agency

RLA will continue to be managed by Ray and Barbara Richards during 2012.

This means that current contracts between RLA, Author and Publisher do not require re-negotiation.

Ray will be available for consultation with current clients only.

New work from current clients will be accepted for advice and consultation.

Work from writers who are not current clients will be re-directed.

Mick Sinclair (lawyer) will handle all movie negotiations, with Ray’s help.

Judy Bartlam is still in charge of royalty management.  Her 12 + years of royalty work have proven her to be skilled in all aspects and plans are under way for RLA to offer this accounting service to writers who do not wish to have a full-time literary agent but who need efficient handling of their publishing payments.

Frances Plumpton plans to continue her career under her own management and RLA hopes to be working closely with her.  She will be advising friends of her plans shortly.  Her last day in the office will be Wednesday 30 May 2012.

Elaine, who is currently taking time off, will support RLA when needed.

Ray continues writing his memoirs.  Barbara continues to paint. 

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