Monday, May 28, 2012

The joy of a good story 2

Long-time manager of UBS Otago Bill Noble liked the photo I posted earlier today from the NZ Herald showing a boy reading to his baby brother. It reminded him of an old favourite photo, taken at UBS Otago back in the late 1980's, which he has sent through. The photo has not lasted well but it is a great shot which is posted here for your enjoyment.
Thanks Bill.

Anyone know who the kids are? All Bill recalls is that they were brother and sister.

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PitWR said...

Sometime in 1994 our lads were spotted reading to each other in UBS. Gillian Newman approached us re using them for a UBS TV advert. The advert was played on Channel 9, but we didn't own a TV, so weren't able to get a copy of it. If anyone remembers or knows where we could get one we'd be rapt. Cheers Ruth