Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Books That Make You Cry: Top 10 Tearjerkers

The Huffington Post Canada
You might be able to divide books that make you cry into two categories, those you know will have you weeping from start to finish, and the creepers that unexpectedly leave you sniffling on the subway, trying to keep from wiping your nose on your sleeve.
But while embarrassing, the emotional release of sobbing at the end (or middle, or even beginning) of a book can be healthy for both the mind and body -- especially when it comes to the eyes.
Tears play an important role in maintaining the eyes' optimal condition, helping to clear bacteria and get rid of toxins, notes PsychCentral, in addition to boosting moods and lowering stress.
So in honour of Vision Health Month, author Tish Cohen -- whose books are known for their weepy endings -- is touring Canada to talk to people about dry eye disease, and has come up with a list of the top tearjerker books to help.

 The top 10 tearjerker books, as chosen by Tish Cohen and Harper Collins Canada. 

#10: To Kill A Mockingbird
#9: Charlotte's Web
#8: The Thorn Birds
#7: My Sister's Keeper
#6: Of Mice And Men
#5: Gone With The Wind
#4: Doctor Zhivago
#3: Romeo And Juliet
#2: The Notebook
#1: Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl

Do visitors to Beattie's Book Blog have any other suggestions?

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Cathie said...

Bridge to Terebithia - the first book that made me cry and still does.
And the final book in Guy Gavriel Kay's Fionavar trilogy... The Darkest Road, as Diarmid takes on Arthur's burden and fights to the death.