Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Zealand Books - Winter 2012 issue published this week

List of contents:

2         “Kindling interest” (editorial)
3         Alison Gray: Michael Jackson, Road Markings
4         Hamish Clayton: Chris Grosz, Kimble Bent: Malcontent
5         Dougal McNeill: Sarah Shieff (ed), Speaking Frankly: The Frank Sargeson Memorial Lectures; Gerri Kimber and Janet Wilson (eds), Celebrating Katherine Mansfield: A Centenary Volume of Essays
6         Chris Else: “Download” (comment)
7         David Cohen: Michael Morrissey, Taming the Tiger: A Personal Encounter with Manic Depression; Sandra Arnold, Sing No Sad Songs
8         Nepia Mahuika: Jane McRae and Heni Jacob (trans), Nga Moteatea: An Introduction/He Kupu Arataki
9         Brian Easton: Rob Salmond, The New Zealand Tax System: New Zealand Taxes in Comparative Perspective; Ralph Lattimore and Shamubeel Eaqub, The New Zealand Economy: An Introduction
10      Brent Southgate: David Veart, Digging Up the Past: Archaeology for the Young and Curious
11      Linda Burgess: Mike McRoberts, Mike McRoberts: Beyond the Front Line; William Renwick, Scrim: The Man with a Mike
12      Jeffrey Paparoa Holman: Matthew Wright, Guns and Utu: A Short History of the Musket Wars
13      Siobhan Harvey: Alice Tawhai, Dark Jelly; Tim Wilson, The Desolation Angel; Breton Dukes, Bird North and Other Stories
14      Jill Holt: Fleur Beale, Dirt Bomb; Jane Higgins, The Bridge; Jack Lasenby, Calling the Gods
15      Eirlys Hunter: Johanna Knox, The Flytrap Snaps; Adele Broadbent, Just Jack; Leonie Agnew, Super Finn
16      Don Aimer: Peter Franks and Melanie Nolan (eds), Unions in Common Cause: The New Zealand Federation of Labour 1937-88; Gordon Anderson, Reconstructing New Zealand’s Labour Law: Consensus or Divergence
17      John O’Leary: Charles Ferrall (ed), Henry Lawson in New Zealand
18      John McCrystal: Greg Scowen, The Spanish Helmet; David Carnegie Young, Coast; Mark Stephenson, No Second Chance; Mark Sweet, Zhu Mao
19      Paul Thompson: Angela Wanhalla and Erica Wolf (eds), Early New Zealand Photography, Images and Essays
20      Filma Anne Punakitere Phillips: Alison Jones and Kuni Jenkins, Words Between Us/He Korero: First Maori-Pakeha Conversations on Paper
21      Laurie Atkinson: Lucy O’Brien, Katydid; No 8 Wire: Eight Plays, Eight Decades; Ken Duncum, Plays 2: London Calling: Blue Sky Boys/John,      I’m Only Dancing/Waterloo Sunset; Harry Love, Hurai
23      Bernard Carpinter: Paul Thomas, Death on Demand; Paddy Richardson, Traces of Red; Vanda Symon, Bound
24      David Eggleton: Dan Bendrups and Graeme Downes (eds), Dunedin Soundings: Place and Performance
25      Pinky Agnew: Paula Green (ed), Dear Heart: 150 New Zealand Poems
26      Harry Ricketts: Brian Turner, Inside Outside; Peter Bland, Coming Ashore; Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, Fly Boy
           C K Stead: “The Silence” (poem)
27      Marilyn Duckworth: “In the crocodile swamp” (byline)
28      Prize cryptic crossword

In bookshops this week.

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