twitterlogo2323.jpgWhile updating our Twitter directories recently, this GalleyCat editor decided it was time to point out some simple problems we’ve seen in many Twitter profiles.
Below, we’ve listed five common Twitter profile mistakes. If you avoid these problems, you will build a stronger following and help readers find you online. These rules don’t apply to personal, satirical or artsy-craftsy Twitter feeds.

What Twitter profile mistakes have you seen?

1. No description of who you are in your profile: Cheeky 140-character descriptions of your abstract qualities sound cool, but they make it very difficult for somebody to find decide if they want to read your work. Simply describe who you are, what you do and what you write
2. No link to your personal site in your profile: Readers want to be able to find more about the person behind a Twitter feed–don’t leave them guessing. Give them a link to a Facebook page, personal website or Amazon page.

3. No picture in your profile: People are looking for your tweets, not tweets from some generic Twitter logo. Show us what you look like.

4. No location data in your profile: Twitter has all sorts of useful features tied to your location. In addition, a simple city and state listing helps people identify with you as well.

5. Don’t protect your tweets: It is fine to keep your tweets protected in a personal account–privacy controls are powerful tools in the 21st Century. However, if you are submitting your feed to directories and trying to build an audience, protected tweets are very frustrating for potential readers.