Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Digital Be Damned: Publication Studio Sells 10,000 Handmade Books

Publishing Perpectives

Focusing on handmade books, Publication Studio has launched nearly 90 original works, sold 10,000 books and expanded to five cities.

Publication Studio uses inexpensive machinery to make perfect-bound books “fresh each day,” by hand. Despite uncanny methods, the success of Publication Studio lies in a shared sentiment –- that publication is not just the manufacturing of books, but the production of a public.

Unlike a market, a public is difficult to quantify. It is impossible to chart on a graph or contain in a spreadsheet. The public that is Publication Studio -– our network of sibling studios, collaborators, libraries, book stores and readers -– is the result of pre-existing connections, friendships, a modest web-presence and word of mouth.

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