Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Fine Prospect

Jenny Carlyon and Diana Morrow’s fascinating portrait of one of Auckland’s most beguiling, ever-changing and resilient communities got off to a fine start last night, indeed, with a huge launch at the gracious Remuera Library which features in the book.  

Called A Fine Prospect, the richly illustrated and comprehensively researched book records the sense of noblesse oblige that has long pervaded Remuera life but also the colourful characters, the dramas, tragedies and occasional scandals that penetrated the suburb's elegant veneer.

The room was full of Remuera grandees: Dame Rosie and Michael Horton, Dame Jenny Gibbs – all long-time Remuera residents.  There were also lots of historians — including Professor Russell Stone and Professor Linda Bryder.  

There’s is another event for this book at the Remuera Library tonight staring at 6.30pm. It’s a writers’ festival-style session in which Random House publishing Director Nicky Legat will chat with the authors about the book. Tickets $5 at door.

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