Monday, June 27, 2011

Say Books is a new online publishing company.

Their website says the following:

At the moment we have more people than products, but this will soon change with a couple of ebooks in the pipeline.
Say Books started as a textual fantasy. Adolescent humour aside, the term is apt, especially now that the meaning of “book” is becoming blurry. Back in the early months of 2006, I had a fantasy that I had published a book and that it had a little speech mark on the spine. Now there are books without spines, but I guess it’s okay as long as people still have them.

When the first Say Books product finally saw the light in April 2011, the little speechmark doodat was on the cover. For Say Books, the publication of the crime novel Nobody Dies was Big Thing Number One. We started quite safely, re-publishing a book that had previously been published by a respected publisher and sticking to a traditional book format.

Big Thing Number Two happened only a few weeks later: A real life publishing professional came along & joined Say Books! ”I” became “we” and suddenly things are a lot more serious, though no less fun. We’re still making it up as we go along, but there is new purpose to what we’re doing.
Whereas our first book was done remotely using Smashwords, with Anna’s expertise we’re aiming to exercise more control over the technical side of things. Of course, her editorial skills will make for a more professional product as well.
And with with two of us egging each other on, there is always the chance that our textual adventures will stray beyond the bounds of traditional books…
- Zirk van den Berg

You may recognise the name  Zirk van den Berg. He is the crime writer whom Craig Sisterson referred to on his Crime Watch blog a few days ago when he posed the question

Is Zirk van den Berg the best thriller writer in New Zealand?

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