Friday, June 24, 2011

Pottermore Launches, Will Sell Ebooks in October


After days of feverish speculation, JK Rowling announced her new interactive and collaborative site Pottermore at a press conference Thursday morning. It's free for users and features new illustrations and interactive "moments." And yes, there will be ebooks, which the site will sell exclusively and directly to users, along with audiobook versions of all seven Potter books. The digital editions will be available for a variety of platforms through OverDrive.

But even though the ebook and audiobook editions will only be available at Pottermore, her print publishers Bloomsbury and Scholastic are partnering in the venture and will receive unspecified royalties. (Scholastic wouldn't comment on the specifics of the partnership and royalty arrangement.) The site will also link out to both publishers' websites, and ebook editions in other languages will use the translations as provided by those publishers.

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