Monday, July 28, 2008

Margaret Barca – Penguin - $19.95

This substantial, full-colour cookbook is a little gem and with the Slow Food movement taking off worldwide its publication is timely.
As the author says in her introduction slow food does not mean taking forever to raost or braise a piece of meat. It is about taking time to enjoy food – the choosing, the cooking, the delight in sharing good food with family and friends. It’s about fresh and seasonal ingredients, it’s about an age old tradition designed to extract maximum flavor and goodness from basic ingredients.
I made the Jerez chicken with orange and it was deemed to be delicious, and "could we have it again please?".

The recipes in the Slow Food Bible are suitable for both stove top and oven cooking rather than using slow cookers but it does give advice on adapting these recipes for use with slow cookers along with tips on using them. However if you want recipes especially for slow cookers then you are best to get one of the many titles published that cater specifically for them.
At $19.95 this book represents great value.

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