Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Zealand edition
Conn & Hal Iggulden
Harper Collins $49

The Dangerous Book for Boys was originally published in the UK in 2006, went on to spend nearly 12 months on the bestseller lists and was subsequently published in Australian and US editions. Now it is New Zealand’s turn and although it has a foreword by media star John Campbell there is no indication as to the identity of the New Zealand editor which probably means it was done by the editorial team at Harper Collins’ NZ office. They have done a reasonable job although it is fair to say that this is the UK edition with NZ add-ons rather than being a completely revised edition.

Having said that however I must say that I am have no doubt whatsoever that boys of say 8-18 years will be delighted to receive this book as a birthday or Christmas gift. You could describe it as a classier, more useful version of the old Boy’s Own Annual that used to be a favourite from my own childhood. So for older “boys” this book will make for a nostalgic journey back to a long ago childhood.

A beautiful production job too, hardcover and robed in Kiwi colours. Hefty price but I’ll wager that the lucky boys who receive copies will keep them long beyond childhood. And guaranteed too to keep them occupied the whole summer long.
Certain to be a bestseller here as it has in other jurisdictions. Publication 1 August.

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